a summer that tastes of joel meyerowitz.

this made me melt


Kylie Minogue channeling Brigitte Bardot & Lolita 


get to know me meme: [5/8] relationships  april ludgate & andy dwyer
I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?


Hair Charms! RhinestonesStars & Hearts

How To Apply…

Step 1. Cut the sheets into your desired size. Take the sheet and peel the white backing off so you’re left with a sticky base and a clear sheet. Apply the sticky side onto your hair as desired.

Step 2. Using your hair straighter, gently glide over the Charmsies to activate adhesive.

Step 3. Gently remove the sticker to reveal the Charmsies. And WA-LA! You have been charmed!


Hey wow blast from the past. Anyone remember this?